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Economy of Love: Creating a Community of Enough (Booklet & DVD)

In this five-week study, unpack what the patterns of God’s kingdom look like compared to the patterns of our world. What is the value of enough, and how do we become more like the God who is close to the poor, the hungry, the meek, and the merciful? Economy of Love will challenge individuals to join in community, journeying together as they begin to consider a new standard of living-a personal economic threshold oriented not around the size of a monthly paycheck, but around the value of enough.

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Embezzlement: The corporate sin of contemporary Christianity (PDF Download)

In Embezzlement, the sin of contemporary Christianity, Ray Mayhew takes an in-depth look and examination of how local congregations in the early church spent their money and the implications for us today. Ray examines the interaction of theology and practice to help us understand the role of the tithe in the early church. We are able to join this examination and walk away hopeful as we navigate forward.

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Economic Conspiracy: Relationality (Booklet & PDF Download)

In “Relationality”, you are about to read the words of a man that makes banana bread out of the peels that I throw away. The concept of Relationality can be understanding in terms of direct interactions between people. We can know something about someone without knowing them. Relationality is to know and experience, not simply exchange knowledge.

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Other resources include Wealth, Poverty & Communities of Faith and Daily Bread and Forgiven Debts