Two Cents is a blog that was created as a space for sharing stories and engaging in conversations on topics relating to the area where FAITH and FINANCES intersect.

Jesus warned us that we could not serve both God and money [Matthew 6.24]. It seems sometimes as if we’ve taken that a step too far in terms of being too scared to discuss God and money in the same context. But how we make, keep and spend our money often gives a very clear reflection of how we relate to God and to the people around us He called us to love. So on Two Cents we share articles and have discussions looking at where those two aspects of our life meet up.

From news headline stories such as those focusing on the new pope and some of his financial reforms, ‘Pope slams Capitalism as New Tyranny’ and posts challenging the way we interact with those around us, such as ‘Are you into Poverty Porn?’, to posts that challenge like this one which deals with complex issues through the simple medium of cartoons,  ‘Blessed are those with things’ and the somewhat more controversial pieces such as ‘Peter Singer’s Solution to World Poverty’, Two Cents has something for everyone.

While sharing stories and highlighting current articles is a huge part of what we do here, more importantly we look towards the enagagement that you will have with what we share. Hence the name. We would love for you to regularly visit this site and add your two cents.